Highland Games

The Highland Games is returning to Glasgow Green for 2018 and will once again showcase strong men and women from around the world to compete in an awe-inspiring show of strength.

The competition will begin at 2pm with a parade and introduction to the athletes. The competition will close with presentations at approx. 5.30pm

This year the men’s competition includes: stone putt, 28lb weight for distance, 56lb weight for height, caber and challenge caber competition and sheaf pitch.

The Warrior Challenge is a popular, exciting series of events depicting the battle skills of the ancient highlanders such as wrestling and stick fighting – the athletes shall wear kilts.

The women’s competition will be comprised of highland events similar to the men with smaller weights but include 2 strength events such as a farmers walk.

Spectators will have their chance to get involved in the action with three audience participation events – Manhood Stone Lift, Farmers walk & women’s wellie throw.

Meet the athletes.