About Craig Grozier

Chef Craig Grozier is the mastermind of Albannach Food and Drink Festival, part of the World pipe Band Championships 2014.

On this page, read about Craig and his career.

Seventeen years ago, Craig Grozier arrived in Edinburgh from his home town in the Highlands to begin his kitchen career. This led to the beginnings of a classical training in the fundamentals of French cuisine in some of the best kitchens in the city.

Seeking to widen the horizons of his culinary knowledge, Craig travelled to immerse himself the food cultures of countries from Peru to Japan and found work in respected kitchens in Australia, Italy and Spain working under mentors who held Michelin stars or trained in senior positions under Michelin starred regimes. Since his return to the UK, Craig has sought to challenge himself and broaden his cooking knowledge and technique using what he has learnt from his travels creating his own style and philosophy of cooking – local, seasonal, modern.

As executive chef of Fallachan Dining, the business he is a co-founder of, Craig brings his skills, repertoire and these principles to his clients. Fallachan is a unique company based in Glasgow offering a bespoke dining experience for private clients and events. Fallachan also provides consultancy for premium brands and discerning establishments. His commitment to high standards and passion for what he does continues to be the driving force of the business.