​Have a look at these blogs from past years to get a flavour of The Worlds and to read the stories of some competing bandsmen: From band practices to missed flights, and all the excitement in between!   

Going Home

If a snare drummer tells you he “knows a place” at two in the morning in Glasgow . . . do not follow him!  That was my first error in judgment that Saturday night after the World Pipe Band...

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NY Metro Pipe Band: The Voltron Hornpipe

Composed by Pipe Sergeant Byrne O’Sullivan and Father Lachlan Cameron, the Voltron hornpipe has become NY Metro’s signature tune.  We opened our concert, Premiere, with the Voltron and it is our...

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NY Metro Pipe Band: Band of Brothers

As it is in many bands, piping and drumming is a family affair at NY Metro.  Brothers Ed and Reverend Lachlan Cameron were born and raised in Dumbarton, Scotland, and moved to the U.S. early in...

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New York Metro Pipe Band, "Pipers are From Mars"

Every pipe band has a pipe section and a drum section.  Duh.  And though we are a unit, a team, and to drive the point home, an ensemble, there is a separation.  Let’s be honest.  Pipers practice...

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The Band Learns to Form a Circle

The fact that the band is even showing up on Glasgow Green next month is a miracle not because there was in-fighting, fears of drug testing on the field or lack of total and complete drive, it is...

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Road to the Worlds

​New York Metro Pipe Band is another one of those Made-for-TV movie pipe band stories with humble beginnings attached to big dreams.  The kind of story you would find somewhere between Braveheart and...

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